Simply put, you'll want to choose a bridal beauty look that complements your hair color.

Whether they've been dying their hair for years or tried something new in the year following their engagement, it's pretty common for women to return to their natural hair color (or something close to it) before the wedding day. Whether it has something to do with nostalgia, a desire to look like their most natural selves, or in an effort to appease their mothers, some women find themselves in the salon chair having blonde highlights dyed back to brown, or else lightening up dark brown or black hair that was naturally much fairer. Either way, a change in hair color means a change in makeup choices, which is especially important to be mindful of if you've already had a big-day beauty trial. Here, we're sharing some tips and tricks to help you adjust your makeup so that it flatters your new hair color.

More often than not, blondes are going back to their roots; your new, darker hair means you'll need darker makeup, too. As someone who has become used to light hair against your skin tone, you might find that the new contrast feels jarring. For that reason, you'll want to find a foundation that gives you enough warmth without looking too dark. This is an important step, as the worst thing you can do when you deepen your hair color is wear a foundation or concealer that is too light. This will make your complexion seem sallow and ghost-like. Now more than ever, bronzer and blush are a must. While you may have been able to get away with minimal cheek color as a blonde, using these products will enhance the warmth of your skin tone and offset the stark contrast in your complexion against your hair.

Whether you went dark to light or light to dark, know that your preferred eyeshadows and liners can usually stay the same. Brow color, on the other hand, will likely need to change. You want your eyebrows to match your hair color to create symmetry, so if you added blonde highlights to your hair, you may want to trade in your "brunette" brow pencil for something a little fairer. Brunettes that have lightened their hair can try brow pencils that are for blondes or a taupe shade. If you were blonde and went darker, you'll want to switch to a brown brow pencil (and might also want to discuss tinting your eyebrows at the same time you dye your hair).

As for anyone who has dyed their hair back to their color from red, you might suddenly feel like your overall look has been dulled. Now is the time to add a surprise pop to your makeup look to show your true colors. A bold lip color or a subtly sparkly eyeshadow should do the trick.


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