They'll help you navigate the planning process and your trip's locale.
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Whether you're in the process of planning a destination wedding or in the preliminary phases of honeymoon bookings, you'll want to download the following editor-approved travel apps. Each will help for all facets of big day and first married trip preparations, like booking flights and must-see attractions. Not only will you book trips for less and get the 4-1-1 on the area you're headed, you'll feel tech-savvy while doing it.


Outsource your flight search to the free Hopper app, which tracks prices on your route and compares them with historical averages to make sure you're getting a good deal. It sends push notifications when 
it detects a fare worth buying.


If you're willing to spend top dollar for VIP treatment, consider the membership-based Essentialist app. It offers restaurant and shopping recs from top chefs, designers, and clued-in pros-not to mention unlimited trip-planning services and access to exclusive experiences. Access to the app is just as exlusive-you have to apply for an invite.


TripIt (another freebie!) helps you
 stay on top of every reservation-hotels, restaurants, flights, rental cars, you name it-which is ideal
 for multicity trips. Like what you see? Splurge on the $49 Pro subscription, which includes a one-time $25 credit for airport lounges around the world, plus point tracking and flight alerts.

Mobile Passport

At many U.S. airports, you can submit your customs delcaration through Mobile Passport, bypassing the regular line. "It saves so much time," says special projects editor Anthony Luscia.

Cool Cousin

The city guides on Cool Cousin are by locals; pick one and you'll see all their favorite spots. The app-suggested by assistant editor Claire Sullivan-even lets you message the person with questions.

Eat Everywhere

Eat Everywhere is a cheat sheet for cuisines from around the world, so you can navigate menus boldly. Editor in Chief Amy Conway loves the playful categories, like "Requests to impress/disarm your waiter."


If you're researching apps for a destination wedding, consider this gem, which allows you to share treasured pics with a group (your 'maids, for instance). "I love seeing everyone's candid shots together," says senior editor Chrisanne Grisé.

Sun Seeker

Creative Director Michael McCormick relies on Sun Seeker to find the best outdoor lighting for photos. It'll come in handy both for the faraway big day (it's useful for helping you ensure the sun stays out of your guests' eyes!) and your honeymoon.


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