Dreaming in Pins is one thing, making your cubicle into a live Pinterest board is something else. No one can blame you for getting caught up in the excitement of wedding planning, but if you see this zeal start to cross over into your daily rituals, it might be time to seek an intervention. Karen Bussen, celebrity event planner and exclusive wedding designer for Palladium Hotels and Resorts, touts six signs wedding planning is going to your head, and how to come down to earth from Planet Bridal.
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1. Your coworkers are avoiding you

When a coworker asks, "How's wedding planning going?" while grabbing a coffee in the kitchen, she's being nice, not actually interested in learning about different wedding photographer portfolios. "You can mention wedding planning at the office, but don't overshare," recommends Bussen. People like to take breaks, but not to listen to your spiel day-after-day. Come to think of it: when was the last time you asked about her day?

2. You turn down social events

Your girlfriends are going out for Happy Hour but you have to go home and get some "work done." Hello … trolling Pinterest for new ways to use a Mason jar is not work. If you're starting to neglect real people because the brides on Say Yes to the Dress seem more interesting, get your head out of your bustle.

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3. You know all the Pantone colors by name

There is a difference between playing with a color wheel and going crazy trying to find the exact napkins to match Rose Quartz & Serenity, the new Pantone color of the year. Same goes for studying a floral encyclopedia to become a bouquet expert or enrolling in a cooking class to understand what makes buttercream so, umm, buttery. That's what's why you're hiring industry pros.

4. Your house looks like a thrift store

If your fiancé can't watch the game because welcome bags are blocking the screen and you have to move salvaged chandeliers from under the table every night before dinner-time to scale back on your resourcefulness. "Don't lose track of your priorities, or your furniture, for the sake of wedding crafts," says Bussen.

5. You can't stop going to cake tastings

Every bride has a particular aspect of the wedding that takes precedence over other details. Perhaps you want the perfect cake, so you've been going to a new bakery every weekend. Stop.

"A world of options may seem appealing, but it can quickly take over and make you feel indecisive or overwhelmed," says Bussen. Even research shows that your brain has a harder time keeping track of more than six options. Make your life easier and set up a dessert bar with a few of your favorite cake flavors and confections.

6. Your wedding planner is your new BFF

Texting your wedding planner more often than your best friend (or fiancé) is a pretty big red flag. It makes sense that you want to be on top of all the wedding updates, but you have to remember that this is a temporary relationship. "I've had more than one bride call me after her wedding to tell me that she feels depressed that we can't talk every day anymore," says Bussen. "Your wedding can become all-consuming, leaving you with the feeling that something is missing when it's all over." Root down into your real life during the planning process because the wedding will come and go and you don't want to feel abandoned-because you're not.


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