Plus, does my bridal party need to wear something different?
Credit: Lindsey Ocker Photography

When planning a wedding, the etiquette rules to observe are seemingly endless. Should age-appropriate bridal attire be on that list of concerns? See what we told one bride, who asked us via e-mail, if she should go with what she wants for her wedding dress and bridesmaids' dresses, or if she should tone it down and go with something more understated. In short: Is there a rule that says a 39-year-old getting married for the first time shouldn't have seven bridesmaids and a wedding dress with a long train?

Nope. In fact, the maxim we subscribe to is, no matter your age, it's your day and you deserve to feel beautiful, whether that's in a princessy white ball gown or a hot-pink mini. The same goes for choosing your bridal party-incorporate however many friends into your ceremony as you see fit, and ask your group to wear dresses you all love.

That said, there is one age-related caveat when it comes to bridesmaids. "Women in their late 30s often have a better grasp on their personal style than those in their 20s," the fashion team at Martha Stewart Weddings say. "Picking the same dress for all your attendants may not be the way to go." Instead, choose a color in your day-of palette or a chic neutral that complements it, and trust your pals to select something that makes them feel beautiful, too.

Nervous about letting your 'maids select their own dresses? Give them guidelines for fabric and length, and even ask if you can see their favorites before they make the pruchase. Trust us: It's not pushy.


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