There's something both cool and uncomfortable about having a stranger hand you a paper towel.

By Nancy Mattia
April 11, 2019
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A wedding's restroom wouldn't feel complete without a basket of hand lotion, breath mints, hairspray, bobby pins, sanitary products, aspirin, bug spray, and a small sewing kit. Some brides want someone to supervise the ladies' room while others think it frivolous. But what's your opinion? Peruse these pros and cons to decide whether or not you think spending a little extra money on restroom attendants is worth the added expense.

Pro: Having attendants shows you're thinking about your guests.

Having an attendant servicing the restroom is another way of showing guests that their comfort is on your mind. They'll make sure no stall is missing toilet paper, the sink area has plenty of soap and paper towels, and if your breath needs help, the attendant's got your back. They'll wipe down the counters and floors if any splashing happened and keep the restroom looking neat and clean. It's an especially welcome feature if you're renting a portable bathroom.

Con: It can be embarrassing to be handed a paper towel by a woman you don't know.

If the restroom attendant is an older woman, some people may feel squeamish when she starts attending to their needs. Others see the restroom as a place where they can take a moment to themselves. An attendant hovering nearby makes this harder to do.

Pro: The amenities basket will be kept well stocked at all times.

If there's a run on hair spray or bandages, for example, the attendant will refill immediately, so no one is inconvenienced.

Con: Many guests don't know how much to tip.

Will a few dollars do? And what if the guests goes back more than once? In that case, should they tip again or assume the tip given earlier in the evening was enough? Worst of all, what happens if a guest don't have any cash on them? All of these factors might make a guest feel uncomfortable.

Pro: No one has to search for the automatic dryer.

Picture this: Instead of waving their dripping hands as they search for the dryer on the wall, your guests will be immediately handed a paper towel by a helpful but discreet attendant. Most attendees will appreciate this level of care.


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