It's important to ensure there's a balance.

By Ellie Finn
February 25, 2019
Honeymooners Smiling on Boat Ride
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The person you are when you embark on your honeymoon and the person you were while planning it aren't always one in the same. After months of wedding planning and a jam-packed big day, those many, many excursions you signed up for may seem a little less appealing than hours spent lounging on the beach with a cocktail in hand. To avoid over-scheduling yourself and taking the joy out of the literal honeymoon phase, follow the advice below from travel experts Emily Allen, Maria Fabre Hickman, and Henley Vazquez. They'll help you plan a trip that's the perfect balance of fun and relaxation.

Don't rush out.

It might seem intuitive to want to keep the wedding excitement going, but rushing out a few after hours you stopped dancing is almost always a mistake. "Take the morning to relish in the memories of the wedding you created and the fact that you've just tied the knot," says Hickman. "This will also allow you to fully enjoy your wedding without thinking about how early you have to get up to make the flight." Give yourself the weekend-or even a week-to wind down from the festivities and take your time packing to ensure you're at full strength when it's time to check in for your flight.

Don't over-two it.

"In general, we like to suggest no more than one or two activities per day, with one usually being an optional suggestion rather than a booked activity," says Allen. "This allows for enough freedom in your day-to-day for the spontaneous activities and discoveries while also ensuring you don't miss out on the best sights and experiences a destination has to offer." If your itinerary is currently planned down to the minute, you may want to re-consider the details. Plus, you never know what travel time is like in a new place, and stressing about a self-imposed schedule is the last thing any honeymooning couple needs.

Use the excitement equation.

Once you've picked out a variety of different things you'd like to do, it's important to order them accordingly. "I recommend a rhythm of relaxation, adventure, relaxation for your honeymoon," says Hickman. "Plan for a spa day and romantic dinner the first day followed by activities you love or have always wanted to try and end with a final day relaxing on the beach." While you might be excited to hit the ground running when planning the honeymoon, you may be more interested in taking things easy once you get there.

Consider a mini-moon.

"The exhaustion of planning a wedding, hosting friends and family, and navigating all the emotions of the big day can come crashing down the minute you leave your reception," points out Vazquez. That's why he's a fan of mini-moons: a short and relaxing trip directly following the wedding with a big adventure scheduled for months later. You'll inherently get the best of both worlds with this arrangement, plus it's always nice to have something to look forward to on the horizon after the big day is behind you.


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