The pop star is planning a massive celebration for next year.
jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez at the cdfa fashion awards
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Despite being on tour, Jennifer Lopez is still dedicated to planning her wedding with her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez. The singer revealed in a YouTube video what she envisions for her celebration, which she confirmed will take place next year, reports People.

In the recording, Lopez admitted that she and Rodriguez have plans to throw a big wedding, even though a source informed People that a "small family celebration" including their children is also an option. Lopez didn't mention a locale, but the performer has her heart set on a church ceremony. "I'd like to get married in a church this time. Never been married in a church," she explained.

Regardless of Lopez's "extremely intense" schedule, she is "super excited" to marry Rodriguez, that same source noted. Even though the duo-who got engaged in March after more than two years of dating-is looking forward to the future, they are still managing to enjoy their fiancé phase. The source continued, "Alex is very supportive and will be at most of her shows over the summer. They will travel as a family all around the U.S."

While dreaming up her wedding day, Lopez took the time to reflect on her past relationships. The triple threat (who has been married three times already) explained that despite being around people all the time, her business can be very lonely. "I [used to feel] like if I got married, I felt like I would always have somebody. But that's not how life works." Although she learned that lesson the hard way, she now knows the right one is "somebody who really makes you better."


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