Credit: Gabrielle Revere

A few well-placed false eyelashes can create prettier eyes than any amount of makeup. For the most natural look, choose individual lashes instead of strips (you'll find both at drug and cosmetics stores). Use a shade and length that resemble your own lashes; if you can't find a match, try medium-length brown or black, which are universally wearable. Here's how to put them on:

1. Before applying lashes, put on all your makeup, except mascara.

2. Curl your natural lashes so they'll mimic the curve of the false ones.


3. Pick up a single false lash with tweezers, and dip its base in a dab of eyelash adhesive. Looking down into a hand mirror, gently lift your eyelid with a finger, and nestle the base of the lash along your lash line. Camouflage the bulb end with your own lashes. Apply two or three individual lashes to the outer third of each lid (or more, if you wish).


4. Let the adhesive dry a few minutes, then brush on a coat of mascara -- concentrating the color at the base of the lashes -- to blend the false lashes with your own.


What You Will Need

You may want to try out a few eyelash curlers to find the one that works best for your eye shape. Use scissors to trim the width of strips of false eyelashes, if necessary. For applying lashes, tweezers are more precise than fingers. Use waterproof mascara to avoid smears. Skin-safe eyelash adhesive looks white but dries clear. Individual eyelashes appear natural; strips are more dramatic.



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