It's possible to find a few private moments together.
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When the day that you've been dreaming about for months (or even years) finally arrives, it may feel like a pinch-me moment: Is this really happening? Are we really getting married today? It's wonderful to share this special time with your closest family and friends but don't forget to celebrate with the guy who gave you the ring! Plan on stealing a few minutes here and there where you two can be alone to savor this incredible occasion. With a load of loved ones hovering nearby, it's not easy to get away, but it can be done. We'll tell you how.

When You Do a First Look

This increasingly popular custom is all about creating an opportunity for you and your almost-husband to see each other before the ceremony. Sure, it squashes that other revered tradition of the bride and groom not taking a peek at one another until the moment she walks down the aisle, but a first look is reassuring (it'll calm any nerves either of you may have) and confidence-building (he'll tell you how gorgeous you look). But make it short-you've got a wedding to go to!

When You Sign the Marriage License

If you're doing this right after the ceremony, ask your officiant to do it in private and request being given a few minutes alone after everyone else signs it.

When You're Driving from Ceremony to Reception

If your reception is in a different place from the ceremony, instead of riding with the bridal party post-ceremony, book a car for just you and the groom. You'll have alone time when you're heading to take photos with everyone and again on your way to the reception. Make the most of it and have Champagne on hand.

When It's Time to Eat

Though it's fun to be part of a big table of revelers (that would be the bridal party!), arrange to have a sweetheart table, which is set up just for you two at the reception. You'll most likely keep getting up and down from the table all night but chances are, it'll still give you a few moments together-and a chance to eat something!


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