You have to be prepared to carry your baby down the aisle!

By Lauren Wellbank
September 20, 2018
Woman holding pregnant belly
Credit: Jaengpeng/Getty Images

All brides glow on their wedding day, but pregnant brides seem to glow just a little bit more. Although being pregnant on your wedding day may present you with a few extra challenges, it's nothing you can't handle with some diligent planning. And there's nothing quite as special as knowing your little one is with you on this momentous day. So what you should expecting brides expect from the big day? Here, one wedding planner shares what you need to know.

If you've only just discovered you're expecting, you may be trying to keep the big news under wraps until after your honeymoon (and first trimester). Tiffany Hayden, wedding planner and owner of Detailed, says, "If you haven't announced it yet, drink sparkling apple juice in a champagne flute to avoid suspicion." You'll need to let someone else in on the secret, though, so they can keep you topped off with non-alcoholic bubbly. This will prevent you from having to decline offers from well-meaning friends and family members who see your glass is half-full.

If your pregnancy is still a secret, but you're ready to let loved ones know the great news, your special day may be a great opportunity to make the reveal. "If you're ready to announce, the wedding is a perfect time-all of your favorite people are in one place and ready to celebrate!" If you give your photographer a heads up they may even be able to capture the exact moment that your mother learns she is about to become a grandmother, or when your brother hears he is going to be an uncle for the first time.

If your big news is old news, you may find yourself struggling to fit into your wedding dress. While it's disappointing to have to give up on the dress you had planned to wear down the aisle, you aren't without alternatives. Before you do anything else, if a seamstress is able to alter the gown so that it fits. They may have some creative solutions that will allow you to still wear the wedding dress you initially selected. Should that not be an option, call local bridal salons and see if they have any samples that will. There's nothing wrong with buying off-the-rack either, so explore white options in stores and online, too. If you were thinking about wearing towering stilettos, you'll probably want to swap those for a more supportive, comfortable pair of low heels or flats.

However you decide to incorporate your pregnancy into your wedding day, keep in mind that you'll still want to adhere to the guidelines your obstetrician has given you. Drink plenty of water, take breaks when you need them, and keep fish that are high in mercury off your plate. But above all else, remember to enjoy yourself. After all, you're celebrating for two now!


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