Don't forget to check off these last-minute to-dos.
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Credit: Bryan Gardner

If the months (or years!) leading up to your wedding have felt like one never-ending to-do list, know that you're not alone. But more importantly, know that your days of completing one wedding-related task just to turn around and tackle another is almost over. Although the biggest details are probably taken care of by now, there's still more to do in the last two days before your wedding. To make sure your big day goes off without a hitch, make sure to check these last-minute tasks off your list. And don't forget to take care of the most important job of all: enjoying your day.

Provide a final headcount.

Confirm the number of guests who will be attending with your caterer, as they need to purchase the necessary amount of food and drink for your loved ones.

Drop off décor and other details.

Transport anything you're providing to the venue, like favors 
or a cake server, and hand off guests' welcome bags to the hotel concierge or your wedding planner.

Bring your overnight bags.

If you're staying in a hotel after the reception, leave your suitcases with the front desk ahead of time. No one wants to make their grand exit toting an overnight bag.

Prep for the honeymoon.

If you're leaving the day after your vows, go ahead and get packed beforehand. You don't want to be scrambling to find your favorite bikini and sunglasses just hours before your flight.

Pick a point person.

Assign a responsible bridesmaid, friend, or family member to field day-of guest inquiries, pass out tips to vendors, collect any cards or gifts left at the reception, and keep track 
of legal documents, like your wedding license.

Hit the drugstore.

Assemble a wedding-day kit that contains essentials like bobby pins, bandages, ibuprofen, breath mints, and fashion tape. You'll be glad you have one if a mini emergency strikes.

Draft an itinerary.

Either you or your planner should email your attendants a timeline of the day's schedule, including where to be and when group photos will begin.

Bring backup.

Print copies and email yourself pertinent details, like vendor phone numbers, your vows, and the photographer's must-get shot list so they won't be hard to find.


To be sure they'll look fresh, go for mani-pedis the day before the wedding.


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