Never underestimate the power of a healthy beverage.

The fountain of youth may be less babbling brook and more of a hot tea sipped from your best-loved mug; less ancient grotto and more of a complexion-boosting concoction mixed in with your favorite smoothie. That's right: Your most youthful skin ever is now available in a to-go cup, thanks to these four elixirs with glam-enhancing effects.

Beauty Tea

A blend of hibiscus, rosehip, and green rooibos, this herbal tea promises to hydrate skin, giving you extra glow. Bonus: Antioxidant-rich hibiscus is also good for hair growth, and green rooibos can help stimulate your immune system, so drinking this brew may even ward off the pre-wedding sniffles.

Aloha Beauty Tea, 15 tea bags for $5,

Get Gorgeous

If you're focused on clear skin, Get Gorgeous is your sip-able solution. Like Aloha's Beauty Tea, this herbal blend has rooibos and hibiscus, but it also has chamomile, which soothes irritation, and chasteberry, which can help take on certain types of acne. Plus, it's caffeine-free (as is Aloha), so you can still get your beauty rest in the process of treating your skin.

The Republic of Tea Get Gorgeous, 36 tea bags for $11,

Moon Juice Beauty Dust

Leave it to L.A.'s healing-crystal capital, Venice, to spawn a celestial-inspired powder. But Moon Juice isn't just talk. With ingredients like organic goji, rehmannia (an anti-aging herb), and pearl (which is rich in minerals), this cosmic concoction walks the skin-beautifying walk. If you happen to be in L.A., stop by one of Moon Juice's three shops and you can pick up a jar of Beauty Dust, or, choose from menu items like Beauty Tonic and Berry Good Looks (a milk-based smoothie).

Moon Juice Beauty Dust, 14-serving jar for $30,

The Beauty Chef Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder

Here's another supplement that's all about antioxidants for luminous skin. Additionally, this tonic is loaded with pre- and probiotics to promote digestive health. Among its 25 ingredients, there's organic maqui berries, lentils, mung beans, millet, alfafa seeds, quinoa, and chia-all packed into a spoonful that can be mixed with water or a smoothie.

The Beauty Chef Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Power, 30 servings for $59.95,


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