The singer's lyric, "I hope that someday, I'll share her home(s)" totally foreshadowed this.

By Sarah Schreiber
January 24, 2018
Ed Sheeran Engaged
Credit: Ed Sheeran via Instagram

Purchasing your first home as a couple is an amazing experience. But when you're as successful as Ed Sheeran is, that first shared house is bound to be pretty epic. And that's exactly how we'd describe the property the "Thinking Out Loud" singer and his new fiancée, Cherry Seaborn, purchased in Suffolk. Instead of nabbing just one home, the duo bought an entire block of houses.

The celebrity already resides in one of his now-four homes, affectionately called "Sheeranville" by his neighbors, complete with a tree house, swimming pool, and a functioning pub. Now that he's added three more homes to his property, there will be "nobody to complain if he plays his music too loudly," a local resident told Daily Mail.

The singer's investment likely had nothing to do with noise complaints. He and Seaborn actually met and went to high school together in Suffolk, which is where both of their families reside. "He is just a down to earth Suffolk boy at heart-so who can blame him for wanting to settle down here? It is a lovely part of the world," another neighbor explained.

News of Sheeran's major purchase came just days after he announced his and Seaborn's engagement on Instagram. "Got myself a fiancé just before the new year. We are very happy and in love, and our cats are cuffed as well," he wrote. The duo became an item in 2015, and since then, Sheeran hasn't stopped praising his future wife. "I know the one person that's going to remain constant is Cherry," he told Rolling Stone last year. "One of the main points of being in a relationship with me, you have to be really sociable and good at talking to people, because I will be dragged away loads at parties and events. And Cherry's perfect at it. She makes friends with everyone."


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