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The first 365 days of marriage will be packed with tons of exciting new experiences, many of which will even begin on your wedding day. After the first kiss is over and you return from your first travel adventure as a married couple, you'll start crossing those bigger experiences off your list, like adopting your first pet, purchasing your first home, or maybe even welcoming your first child! Regardless of what your first year of marriage involved, the point is you experienced it all together. In honor of all you two have been through during your first year, it's important to commemorate your very first anniversary in a memorable way. Here, relationship experts share six clever and creative ideas to mark the occasion.

Watch your wedding video.

Assuming you have one, of course, there's no better time of year to reminisce about all of the live-in-action fun you two had celebrating your big day. Or, you can browse through those stunning wedding photos. Either way, your anniversary should be about smiling, laughing and awwing over the day you said "I do." "That's what anniversaries are about, remembering when and why you chose each other and to keep choosing to each other," says Erin Asquith, LCSW, a marriage counselor in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.

Recreate the moment you met.

To celebrate the significance of a first wedding anniversary, relive the early days of your romance by recreating that first moment when the two of you connected, suggests Samantha Daniels, relationship expert and founder of The Dating Lounge Dating App. "If you hit it off over dinner at a special restaurant, try to book a reservation at the exact table you sat at the first time-or if you bonded during an evening of bowling with friends, go all out on your anniversary with bowling garb and a trip to the lanes." Reminding your love of the early days of your relationship is an easy, meaningful way to celebrate your romance.

Eat the part of the cake that was frozen and saved.

If you took part in this age-old tradition, don't forget about digging in on your anniversary. "It's considered good luck and an omen for a long life together to eat the top tier of your wedding cake on your first anniversary," adds Asquith. "It's also a way to remind yourselves of the joyous moment you shared at your wedding." While the cake may not be as tasty as you remember, enjoy a good bite for the sake of your wedding memories.

Throw an anniversary party.

Whether you go big or small, a party, especially for super social couples, is a great way to celebrate, suggests April Masini, relationship and etiquette expert. "Your friends may want to make toasts, funny or heartfelt, and you can really enjoy your anniversary with a first year party to celebrate." It could be anything from an outdoor barbecue to a fancy private room in a local restaurant. Whatever it is, toasting to the most important day of your lives is absolutely something worth enjoying.

Dance your first dance together.

You know, that special one you probably practiced hundreds of times before the big day-crank up the music and hit that dance floor all over again (even if, this time, it's in your 400-square-foot apartment). "Better yet, have it on your iPhone and surprise your spouse by playing it when he or she least expects it," Claudia Six, Ph.D., clinical sexologist, relationship coach, and author of Erotic Integrity: How To Be True To Yourself Sexually, suggests. "You can do this in a park, on the beach, on the street, anywhere. Super romantic!"

Plan a getaway.

Whether it's a staycation in a local hotel or jetting off to recreate your honeymoon, you two deserve a vacation that lets you put your work and social commitments on hold and just enjoy each other's embrace. "Taking a little break or vacation from the grind by rekindling your wedding romance is a great celebration for a first anniversary," says Masini. "When you go back to your honeymoon hotel-or even a different hotel in the same area-you'll enjoy your first anniversary in a special way that evokes romance and commitment."


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