20 Ways to Decorate a Wedding Ceremony Held Beneath Trees

muted blue tulle hanging from tree
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Arches and backdrops are designed to anchor your ceremony space. Since they're the main design focal point of the area, many couples choose to make theirs unique. From floral iterations to modern, geometric options, there are a myriad of ways to make this element your own. Sometimes, however, nature does all the work for you. If you're tying the knot at an outdoor location and the ceremony will take place beneath a few picturesque trees, you may want to let your natural surroundings act as the backdrop.

That doesn't mean you can't dress up the grove you're exchanging vows in, though. While we agree that trees are pretty all on their own, their presence shouldn't stop you from adding in floral arrangements, linen drapery, or other design elements you love. This setup by Dairing Events used a combination of the two; the pros paired a mix of roses and greenery from Shea Hopely Flowers with a muted piece of blue tulle that hung from one of this tree's branches.

Ahead, you'll see how couples took advantage of the trees at their ceremony locations. Whether you want to add on more natural details like flowers or elegant, glamorous ones like chandeliers, there are plenty of gorgeous ways to upgrade this focal point. And if you want to leave the trees directly behind your service site bare? Frame them by lining your aisle with natural, wild floral arrangements—they'll bring your guests' gaze forward, straight towards the trees. To see all of the options this natural element has to offer your big day, we've rounded up some of our favorite photos from real wedding ceremonies beneath the trees.

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Greenery Filled

various greenery decor wedding ceremony
Ryan Ray

If you're tying the knot during the summer, the leaves on your venue's trees will be vibrant and green. To nod to the lush foliage, make sure your floral arrangements have plenty of greenery. Shannon Leahy Events lined this aisle with vibrant mixes from Bows & Arrows. They matched the central arrangement—a dramatic tree wrap, which served as the backdrop to the couple's vows.

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Floral Branch

Samantha James Photography

For a truly breathtaking and natural display, dress up a low-hanging branch with colorful florals. Hey Gorgeous Events was responsible for the setup seen here. The purple-and-white dahlias and roses appeared as if they were growing right out of the tree.

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Hanging Material

hanging material tree decor
Jen Rodriguez

There are so many ways to adorn tree branches, but we love how Lovelyfest Events draped a long piece of fabric over this one. It was a simple way to transform this tree into a ceremony arch. For a cohesive touch, the pampas grass arrangements from Precious & Blooming were designed to match the material's yellow hue.

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Chandeliers hanging from trees
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Although your garden venue, like Rancho Dos Pueblos, will be dreamy all on its own, hanging a chandelier from a nearby tree will add a bit of elegance to your space. Tricia Fountaine and Kelly Oshiro executed the design of this ceremony site.

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Floral Arrangements

large end of aisle floral arrangements
Joel Serrato

In a forest setting, you won't need much to add to the natural environment's grandeur. However, if you do choose to include décor in your outdoor location, tap your florist (in this case, Mindy Rice) to create large floral arrangements for the end of your aisle.

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Ceremony in the Round

ceremony in the round with tree center
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You don't have to go into the forest to find the perfect tree for your ceremony. The Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, seen here, had one right in their courtyard. Big Day Event & Wedding Design was responsible for the setup here; wrapped florals from Sundari Ferris dressed up the tree.

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flower petals on outdoor forest aisle
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If you're getting married amongst tall trees, let your surroundings do the talking. Anny Szeto of Anny Flowers Studio kept things simple at this couple's forest nuptials. A small dusting of flower petals down the aisle ensured all eyes were on the newlyweds (and their gorgeous, tree-filled setting!).

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ashlie adam alpert wedding ceremony tree
Braedon Flynn

Searching for a creative (and pretty) way to make a traditional chuppah work for your tree-covered ceremony? Gilly Flowers & Events dreamed up this hanging floral installation for this couple's outdoor service, which was suspended by an ancient tree.

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Floral Addition

floral arrangement wrapped around tree
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Of course, you can customize your ceremony's tree in beautiful ways. We suggest choosing something more natural, like a floral arrangement (this one was created by Holly Heider Chapple) that creeps up one side.

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Lined Aisle

floral arrangement lined wedding aisle
Tec Petaja

One of the few drawbacks to getting married in the woods is the dirt. To avoid staining your wedding dress, make like the pros at Alison Events and lay down an aisle runner. The light color of this iteration (along with florals from Ariella Chezar) drew everyone's attention to the front of the altar and up at the looming trees.

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Floral Vine

Floral Vine on tree wedding ceremony decor
Byron Loves Fawn

Afraid a ceremony arch might disrupt your guests' view of their surroundings? Opt for something that will highlight your tree instead. The Little Gray Station tapped Elyssium Blooms to create this floral vine that hung from the tree's branches. It's vibrant magenta and green hues stood out against the light brown bark and made for an eye-catching, but natural arch.

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forrest wedding with candle aisle decorations
Kaley From Kansas

Although your tree-covered ceremony will be romantic enough without any décor at all, you can't go wrong with a few candles. Juniper and Lace Events lined hurricanes of various sizes and candelabras down this aisle. The subtle lighting added a moody vibe to the location's rain-soaked path.

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Minimal Decoration

yolanda cedric wedding ceremony tree
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By keeping your decorations to a minimum, you won't sacrifice the natural beauty (and history) of the tree at your ceremony. To pay homage to this oak tree, which has been on the Aldredge House's property for years, this bride decided against a ton of ceremony décor, opting for a crawling pink flower vine, instead.

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Sunny Day

bride and groom during outdoor forest wedding ceremony
BrittRene Photography

Shade is a major benefit of hosting your ceremony beneath a few trees—but you (and your guests) will be wowed when a little sunlight peeks through their leaves and branches. At this service, the sun provided a natural spotlight on the couple and illuminated their ceremony arch by Coastside Couture and Seascape Flowers.

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Single Tree

single tree wedding ceremony alter decor
Audra Wrisley Photography

A single tree provides an obvious focal point for your outdoor ceremony. To showcase the natural structure, we suggest placing an ach right in front of it, like The Local did here. The wooden backdrop and floral arrangements from The Arrangement Company didn't look out of place at this event.

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Natural Arrangements

woodsy floral arrangements wedding aisle
Taralynn Lawton

You can never have too many natural elements in your outdoor ceremony. That's why we think you should fill your aisle with as many florals as possible. Take note from Lovely Time and line your woodsy space with wild arrangements (these were from Michelle Lywood) to make your forest venue feel even more overgrown.

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Indoor Elements

single chandelier wedding ceremony outdoor decor
Leighanne Herr

Sometimes, bringing inside elements (like a chandelier) into your outdoor wedding has beautiful results. That's exactly what Bundle Bride did at this couple's ceremony. The pros hung the elegant light fixture from this tree's branches and finished off the elevated look with a floral garland from Agave Estates.

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Bed of Roses

hana olu wedding california ceremony
Patrick Moyer

Make a natural "red carpet" that leads up to your ceremony tree using rose petals. Venus Event Design laid down a bed of the red florals from Oak & the Owl; they placed all eyes on this 300-year-old oak at the end of the aisle.

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draping wedding ceremony decor
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If you're tying the knot at the feet of multiple trees, create a unique canopy by threading one long piece of cloth through their branches, à la this display by Kickstand Events. The white material also referenced the creamy florals seen throughout the outdoor service.

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