Hydration is more important than you might realize.
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Staying hydrated is important at any stage in your life, but it's particularly wise to be cautious about your water intake as your wedding approaches-especially when you consider the fact that hustle and bustle surrounding your upcoming nuptials may leave you feeling both physically and emotionally drained. According to certified nutritionist Tara Allen, RN, CHC, CPT, proper water intake in the months leading up to your wedding is an important part of keeping your immune system strong and boosting your energy levels. Although everyone knows just how important drinking the right amount of water is, actually doing so can be a challenge. To ensure you're getting enough H20 in the months leading up to your wedding, we spoke to wellness experts and asked for their best hydration tips.

Grab a Water Bottle

"You want to go for what's referred to as the 8X8 rule, which means drinking eight-ounce glasses of water eight times a day," says Amanda Speir, celebrity trainer and founder of SPEIR Pilates. Always carry water with you, whether you're working out, shopping, or cleaning around the house, as the more water you have access to, the more you'll drink. She recommends using a large, reusable water bottle for the same reason-if water is there, you'll drink it.

Eat Foods That Contain Water

Water recommendations for adults range usually from eight to nine glasses per day, explains registered nutritionist Rachel Paul, Ph.D., RD. However, foods with a large water content also count towards this number, so load up on water-filled bites like watermelon, celery, and cucumbers.

Avoid Soda and Energy Drinks

Although sodas, juices, and energy drinks definitely can give you a quick burst of energy, holistic health practitioner Dr. Natalya Fazylova says you should avoid such fluids. They're often loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners, and flavorings that can deplete water levels that are already inside your body.

Use Little Tricks to Help Monitor Your Water Intake

If you're having trouble tracking your water intake, Allen suggests starting your day with eight rubber bands around your water bottle, then removing one each time you fill it up. This helps keep track of how much you have left to drink for the day. You can adjust the number of rubber bands around your bottle based on your hydration goals. Apps can also be helpful. Allen likes Daily Water, which tracks your water intake and turns hitting your goals into a challenge.

Spruce Up Your Water

"If plain water just doesn't sit well with you, get creative," Allen suggests. You can add fruit, mint, or cucumbers to bring flavor and color to an otherwise plain drink.


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