Use these expert-approved ideas to inspire your own take on the tradition.

By Nicole Harris
July 20, 2018

All brides have heard the traditional Old English saying of "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." The four elements supposedly bring good luck to your wedding day. If you're trying to come up with the perfect token for "something blue" (which represents love and purity in a marriage), get inspired by these six ideas, which four wedding planners tout as their all-time favorites.

Blue Accents

"In some cultures, lilies or pearls are seen as a symbol of purity," says Jesse Tombs, managing partner of Alison Events Planning + Design. "We've had clients carry a bouquet of lilies with a small piece of vintage blue ribbon wrapped around them. I also had a bride wear a pearl from her mother's necklace on a blue string as her 'something blue.'"

Sentimental Items

"It's more special when someone you love shares that 'something blue' with you. Even a vintage family hankie with blue stitching tied around the bride's bouquet is sweet!" says Sunna Yassin and Mollie Jones Hennes of Bash Please in California. "When Sunna, one of the owners of Bash Please, tied the knot, she wore her best friend's blue quartz ring."

Blue Stitching

"We've had a seamstress sew custom quotes, wedding dates, or sayings into the lining of wedding dresses in blue thread," says Tombs. "This is something that is really couture and special, but also something anyone could do with a thread and needle!"

Blue Bling

Gretchen Culver, owner and creative director of Rocket Science Events, loves when brides wear blue jewelry. "An heirloom sapphire ring from grandma or subtle aquamarine stud earrings are the perfect finishing touch to the bridal look," she says.

Furry Friends

"Dogs have been known to represent fidelity in some cultures," says Tombs. "If the couple wants their dog to be a part of their special day, you could tie a pretty blue ribbon around the dog's collar and adorn with flowers for a fun, modern approach to an age-old tradition."


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