21 Ways to Set Up a Card or Gift Table at Your Wedding

wedding gift tables rachel solomon photography geometric vessel
Rachel Solomon Photography

You've put together an amazing wishlist of items you know you'll love. Now, it's time to figure out how you'll collect the presents your guests purchase. Many modern registry services let buyers send gifts directly to the couple, and even if that's not an option for you, well-wishers who have your address might anyway. That being said, it's never a bad idea to prepare to receive presents in person at the wedding itself. Whether somebody just didn't get the memo or simply prefers to hand-deliver the gift, it'll be awkward if they aren't sure what to do with it once they arrive on the big day. So, we recommend designating an area of your event space for this purpose. Here, we're offering some pretty and creative ways to accept presents at your celebration. While a standard wedding gift table is certainly an option, it's just the start.

If someone's bringing something to the wedding, it's probably a card. In turn, we've rounded up some unique ideas for where to have guests put their envelopes. Our suggestions range from modern glass boxes (like this one planned by Ashley Gain Weddings) to vintage-themed receptacles, so you can be sure there's something included to match your event's theme. Celebrants might also bring bigger gifts, so we've featured suggestions for that, too. Those include plenty of decorating inspiration for tables, wagons, and more.

Click through to find a gift-collecting method that suits your wedding's needs. Now, all that's left to figure out is how to get the presents home!

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Lobster Trap Display

wedding gift tables love and light photographs
Love & Light Photographs

Fully embrace a nautical theme by using a lobster trap as a card table, like Gilded Lily Events did here.

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Gift Wagon

wedding gift tables ether and smith
Ether and Smith

We love the idea of using a wagon to collect gifts at a rustic celebration. Wish Wonder Dream used potted plants to decorate this one.

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Modern Receptacle

wedding gift tables t and s hughes photography
T & S Hughes Photography

If you want something more contemporary, try using a unique accent piece to hold cards.

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Sign Display

wedding gift tables sara lynn
Sara Lynn

Use pretty signage to let guests know exactly where they should drop their cards. Sara Brown Weddings planned this display, which featured a wooden sign with a unique design that drew eyes to the mailbox beside it.

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Botanical Display

wedding gift tables fondly forever photography
Fondly Forever Photography

Hello Gem Events styled this lovely table using flowers and greenery.

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Table with Monogram

wedding gift tables suzy goodrick
Suzy Goodrick

Put your name on your gift station with your shared initial framed for all to see. Without a Hitch organized this beautiful example.

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Wooden Sign

wedding gift tables rachel solomon photography wooden sign
Rachel Solomon Photography

At this LVL Weddings & Events celebration, a wooden block marked the card box.

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Multitasking Table

wedding gift tables rachel mccauley photography
Rachel McCauley Photography

Your gift table doesn't have to be just a gift table. Feather Arrow Event Planning + Design arranged this one to include a card vessel, guest book, and a refreshing beverage for attendees.

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Picnic Basket

wedding gift tables albert palmer photography
Albert Palmer Photography

Ask attendees to drop their presents in something creative, like this picnic basket (complete with a "cards" banner).

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Double-Duty Table

wedding gift tables emilia jane
Emilia Jane Photography

This table didn't just hold gifts—it held the couple's seating display, too.

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Customized Mailbox

wedding gift tables lets frolic together
Let's Frolic Together

This gold mailbox read "p.s. I love you" and was used to collect cards.

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Trunk Table

wedding gift tables nataly j photography
Nataly J Photography

Fran Has a Plan worked with G.A. Weddings for this gift table, which included a trunk for cards and plenty of natural décor.

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Stylish Box

wedding gift tables omalley photographers
O'Malley Photographers

We love the look of glass card boxes like this one.

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Wire Basket

wedding gift tables nataly j photography wire basket
Nataly J Photography

A wire basket is another good receptacle option, especially since they suit many different aesthetics.

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Bird Cage

wedding gift tables rachel solomon photography bird cage
Rachel Solomon Photography

This creative couple asked guests to leave cards in a bird cage.

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Wooden Crate

wedding gift tables rachel solomon photography wooden crate
Rachel Solomon Photography

Imoni Events planned this gift station, which had a wooden crate rested on its side for celebrants to stick cards in, plus open space for larger gifts.

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Geometric Vessel

wedding gift tables rachel solomon photography
Rachel Solomon Photography

We're obsessed with this chic card receptacle.

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Wooden Table

wedding gift tables rachel solomon photography wooden table
Rachel Solomon Photography

For this event, Ashley Gain Weddings put a card box on a wooden table. It was joined by a guest book and a photo of the couple.

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Suitcase Display

wedding gift tables yellow bird visuals
Yellow Bird Visuals

Ask guests to place their presents in vintage suitcases for a retro- or travel-inspired wedding. These ones were decorated with Edward on Saint Simons flowers.

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Unique Tables

wedding gift table
Austin Gros

Arrangements from Lola's Gifts and Flowers decorated this couple's unique gift table, which matched two other nearby tables.

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