But to whom?

Ben Higgins, the star of the 20th season of The Bachelor announced today on Good Morning America that he's engaged. But the real question is, to whom? Last night's bombshell episode saw Higgins proclaiming his love for not one, but two women: Jojo and Lauren. Both women were shocked, with Jojo even asking, "Are you allowed to say that?" Technically he's not, but our bachelor is a rule breaker!

After realizing how he felt, Higgins sent home 24-year-old Caila. "I have no regrets whatsoever," Caila opened up to GMA. "I fell in love and it really does hurt me that he didn't but I can't help that." Don't worry, Caila: There's always Bachelor in Paradise for another shot at love.

Host Chris Harrison's take on the matter? "Do not tell two women at the same time you love them," Harrison said. "It is not going to end well." Still, things apparently turned out okay for Higgins because he did successfully put a ring on someone's finger.

We'll have to wait for the season to finale to find out which lucky lady stole his heart! Until then, we have the "Women Tell All" episode, and there's bound to be some great drama to keep us occupied until the inevitable proposal. Here's hoping we get to witness a Ben breakdown beforehand, you know, for entertainment's sake.


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