Getting along with your significant other's parents is easier than you think.

Being with your in-laws doesn't have to be the most dreadful thing in the world-even if it may feel like that sometimes! There are some easy ways to keep conversations going and to set up boundaries with your partner's parents. They are the ones who gave you the love of your life, you know. If you want to have a healthy relationship with your in-laws, here's what you need to know.

Remember to cut them some slack.

They're giving away their son/daughter to you for you to care for now, so it might be hard for your partner's parents to accept that they are no longer the first person their child turns to. Remember how hard this can be. Treat your spouse's parents the way you hope they'll treat yours, and give them time to adjust if it's not smooth sailing at first.

Keep expectations low.

Try not to compare your partner's family to your own. They will always behave differently than you expect, and what seems "normal" to you could be very odd to them. Be open to the new experience, and keep your expectations limited-that means in both directions. You and your spouse are your own family now, and you're going to do a lot of things differently than what your parents or your in-laws might expect. Know that this is entirely okay.

Spend the right amount of time together.

Maybe a whole week at your in-law's is way too much time together, but you should try to find a sweet spot. Is a weekend better, or should you start with just one night? You want your time together to be enjoyable so you can keep coming back, and vise-versa, without rolling your eyes. Figure out what works for you and your spouse and stick to the plan.

Be peaceful.

If a situation arises and you're disappointed in your in-law's reactions, try to stay calm. Blowing up won't help the situation. Stick up for yourself when needed, but try to keep the peace in the process.


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