Keep guests busy in an unexpected way.

By Aleesha Thomas
June 28, 2019

Bridal showers are always fun, but playing the same old games can become a bore. Spending time with your loved ones before the big day should be fun and exciting! Consider these alternative ways to keep your family members and friends entertained during the bridal shower.

Flower Making Workshop

Emily McMahon of Soirée Wedding Planning thinks a hands-on activity is the perfect way to keep everyone busy during the bridal shower. For that reason, she recommends inviting loved ones to a flower arrangement workshop instead of a traditional bridal shower. "You friends and family will walk away with their own beautiful flower arrangement or crown that they created," says McMahon. "It makes for a much more fun and interactive shower activity than the typical games."

Change the Location

Consider having the bridal shower somewhere other than at a friend's home or your favorite restaurant. The majority of your guests have probably never attended a shower at a spa or local salon. This can make the time spent together more intimate. "By getting manicures or facials, every guest will feel pampered instead of bored at the shower," says McMahon.

Wine Tasting

If you're a self-proclaimed oenophile, a wine tasting shower couldn't be more fitting. Your guests will enjoy it, too-everyone will have time to mingle and enjoy a great glass of wine at the same time. All you need to bring are the right appetizers and treats to match with the choices of wine.


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