If so, when should it take place?
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Destination weddings often take place in tropical or luxurious locations-places that also serve as honeymoon locales for many couples. That's why many couples who are tying the knot away from home wonder if they should plan a honeymoon at all or simply extend their stay in their wedding location. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. There's no rule that says you have to honeymoon in the same place or even at the same time as your wedding. Instead, here are a few things to think about when planning your post-destination wedding honeymoon.

Your honeymoon doesn't have to immediately follow your wedding.

"If couples are doing a destination wedding within the United States, they will usually leave for their honeymoon directly following the wedding," says SmartFlyer Travel Advisor Alexandra Stockton who specializes in honeymoon travel planning. "However, couples traveling internationally for their destination wedding tend to wait anywhere from one month to a year before taking their honeymoon. There is no right or wrong way to honeymoon; it's all about what makes the most sense for the couple."

Your honeymoon can offer more of an off-the-grid feeling than your destination wedding.

A destination wedding location typically needs to be somewhere that has enough infrastructure, hotels, and ease of access to accommodate as many guests as you're inviting. As such, destination weddings often take place in areas with resorts and large hotels, various restaurants, and enough activities to keep your guests entertained over a long weekend. For your honeymoon, you have the option to leave all those necessities behind and go somewhere totally remote. Without having to keep in mind the constraints of guests' time and budgets, you can take the opportunity to really explore a place that's long been on your bucket list.

Consider a multi-destination honeymoon.

Stockton says, "I suggest spending at least three nights in each location. You don't want to feel like your entire trip was spent packing and unpacking. Keeping a slower pace makes the honeymoon stress-free, so you can focus on each other. If you don't want to feel like you're constantly on the move but are wanting to see multiple locations, consider a small, luxury river cruise like the Aqua Mekong in South East Asia."


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