Find your perfect color palette with these expert-approved tips.
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With so many decisions to be made for your wedding, it's no surprise that planning can feel overwhelming at first. But we're here to let you in on a little secret: The reason it's often hard to move forward with your decisions is because you haven't finalized your wedding's color scheme or overall look. It's easy to be attracted to more than one color palette or theme, but narrowing down your vision-and doing so early-is crucial. With so many great ideas out there, how do you choose the one that works for your day? We asked nine planners to share their tips, tricks, and insights that will help you lock down the colors and theme of your big day.

Consider the venue.

Use your venue as a source of inspiration. Adina Franconi of Hoopla! Events says, "Your wedding venue plays a huge role in helping you select colors or a theme. The venue sets the tone and overall aesthetic and should align. Love the outdoors? Go bright, bold, or down to earth. Dreaming of modern? Then try pastels and neutrals."

Get personal.

Your personality, sense of style, and home can give you great insight in which color palettes you're most attracted to. Marisa Manna Ferrell of So Eventful says to get personal. "What colors do you see most in your closet"?" she asks. "What color nail polish do you usually wear? Is it a certain shade of lipstick? Taking your creativity from everyday life is a great way to spotlight your personality in your wedding color choices."

Let go of obvious color combos.

No need to go with the status quo, says planning expert and educator Kawania H. Wooten of Howerton + Wooten Events. "When selecting colors to complement a theme, let go of the obvious color combinations," she advises. "For example, nautical themed weddings don't need to have a navy, red or baby blue color palette. We recommend keeping the colors light and summery, but consider selecting colors such as greens, oranges, and browns instead."

Don't feel like you have to stick with the obvious colors of each season. Geomyra Lewis of Geomyra Lewis Weddings & Events suggests picking whatever feels most natural and organic to the couple. "For a summer wedding I recently planned, our bride was excited to use rich and bold colors like cranberry and navy," she explains. "IWe typically see light, airy colors like blush, ivory, and green during the summer, but it's okay to step outside of the box and focus on what your drawn to instead."

Stay away from trends (if you want to!).

If you're hoping for a unique wedding, know that you can break away from the current trends. Despina Craig of Despina Craig Events says, "As a nontraditional wedding planner, I believe there is no need to follow the trend or the season. Think of the wedding venue, location, your favorite flowers, colors, hobbies, favorite movie, designer, formality, and time of day your wedding will take place. Then begin incorporating your color or theme from the very beginning, starting with your invitation."

Additionally, St. Louis planner Maureen FitzGibbon of Kate & Company suggests staying away from trends entirely. "The trendier your wedding is, the sooner you'll date yourself," she explains. "No one wants to look back on their wedding in a year or two and find they already wish they had gone a different route. We'd recommend staying classic and timeless with your look, but pulling in small, fun, whimsical details of you into your paper."

You can pick more than two.

If you're attracted to multiple colors and hues, no need to pick just one or two. Event designer Nancy Park of So Happi Together asks her couples to be open to a range of colors. "We pick a palette of two or three focal colors and three or four supporting colors and tones," she explains. "If you do this, just leep in mind the types of materials, textures, and metallics that you may want to consider as a part of your palette." In turn, you'll have a multi-dimensional and textured design.

Choose what makes you happy.

At the end of the day, choosing your wedding colors all comes down to what makes you happy. Wedding planner Morgan Childs, of Moana Events, encourages her clients to have fun. "You are planning a celebration, after all, so be sure to make it something you and your fiancé will love and means something to you both," she says. "If you love color, then don't be afraid to use color-your wedding theme is always best when your guests can tell that it is a personal reflection of the two of you."

The seasoned event designers at GATHER Events believe that the way you choose to incorporate your personalities and stories are what really makes a wedding timeless and unique. "The more you showcase the details of yourselves as individuals and as a couple, the more included and celebratory your guests will feel," they explain. "No matter what styles you love, colors you choose, songs you dance to, if they reflect you and your love story, they'll be remembered fondly and stand the test of time."


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