• How-To Make the Save-the-Date
  • 1. Download clip art for the
  • text of the card
  • , the
  • red-squiggle design
  • , the
  • note for the lens
  • , and the
  • envelope liner
  • (on the 3rd page).
  • 2. Input details of your event into the editable file, and print onto card stock.
  • 3. Print the red-squiggle design over the text by running the same card through the printer again.
  • 4. Stamp our "look closer" note onto the decoding lens (send our clip art to a rubber-stamp maker, such as
  • Stamp-Worx 2000
  • .
  • 5. Print blue envelope liner. Cut to fit the envelope. Adhere with glue stick.

Postage stamps are from


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