Here's more proof that she's just like us.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Engagement Photos
Credit: Getty Images

Remember when, as a kid, you used to talk about your crushes in code? You and your friends would come up with secretive names to hide your love interest from your parents, classmates, or the subject himself/herself. As it turns out, even celebrities do it-and not just as children! That's exactly how Meghan Markle talked about her relationship with Prince Harry on the set of Suits before the shared their news with the world.

On an episode of Harry Connick Jr.'s Harry, the host interviewed Markle's television dad, actor Wendell Pierce. The Suits star revealed that while the two were on set, Markle would subtly discuss her budding romance. "She met this nice guy and we always talked about him in code, really," he revealed. "You know, 'How you doing?' 'Oh, I'm going to London, I'm coming from London, whatever.'" Of course, Markle had every reason to keep things as private as possible. The stakes were higher than they were for us in middle school-she was dating a royal, after all!

Since then, Pierce has been especially supportive of Markle's relationship. When the former actress and her fiancé announced their engagement, he shared his well wishes on Twitter. "Congratulations to my TV daughter Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on the news of their wedding engagement," he wrote, adding, "Harry you have her TV Father's blessing."

As of now, everyone's been quiet about who's on the wedding guest list, including Pierce. When asked if he's attending, he responded, "I hope so"-we hope that that's code for "yes!"


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