We'd never knock an amazing display of cheese and crudités, but we can't think of a better way to kick-start cocktail hour (or refuel a late-night dance party) than with a popcorn cart. Here, the tips, topping recipes, and cinema-inspired labels you need to turn a few kernels into a standout activity everyone will love.
Credit: Bryan Gardner

Find a Cart and Make It Your Own

To find a popcorn cart, contact a rental company near you. This one pictured here from partylinerentals.com goes for $133.50 per day. Give it a sprucing up and a personalized touch instantly by downloading and printing this popcorn sign.

Credit: Bryan Gardner

Start Cooking

A big batch of popcorn will draw in revelers, but it's the toppings that will keep them coming back for more. Create your own recipe, or offer one (or a few) of these developed by contributing editor Peter Callahan of Peter Callahan Catering in New York City:

Contain the Fun

Display your toppings in 10-ounce shakers, labeled accordingly. Simply download our free clip art, print it onto white label paper, use your scissors, and adhere for presenting a medley of flavors in style. Then set out striped napkins ($2 for 16) and popcorn boxes ($6 for 24) and let the nibbling begin.


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