Royal watchers seem to think one British designer has already been tapped for the job.
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If you're an avid follower of all things royal wedding, you likely have a few ideas about what you'd like Meghan Markle's wedding dress to look like-you might even have a few favorite designers in mind for the job. As rumors continue to circle, we've come to rely on Markle's inner circle for details. Luckily, her friend and London-based fashion designer Roland Mouret just dropped a few major hints about what the future royal's wedding dress will look like.

"Meghan knows really well what she likes and the main thing with Meghan is to listen to her and work in collaboration with her," he told the New York Post earlier this month after rumors implied that he was in charge of designing her bridal look. But when pressed for more details, he remained tight-lipped. "I've already said too much." People in Britain aren't taking no for an answer, though. Some are actually hedging bets on who will have the honor of dressing the soon-to-be royal. And, based on past accuracies, they might have just figured out the mystery designer's identity.

The site, called Betfair, allows British hopefuls to wage bets on virtually anything-including royal-related events. There's a few limitations to the system though, especially when administrators think a bet is more than a bet. For example, just days before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed their intention to wed, the site shut down gambling on their engagement announcement date. The reason? They'd received an influx of guesses for November 27, 2017, indicating that there could have been a potential leak-which ended up being exactly what happened.

The same exact thing has just occurred in regards to Markle's wedding dress designer. While recent rumors hypothesized that Markle would wear a creation by Erdem (one of Kate Middleton's favorites) or Ralph & Russo (the designer of her stunning sheer engagement photo dress), the influx of bets were all for Alexander McQueen. So many came in that Betfair decided to close the poll in the event of yet another leak.

Alexander McQueen is a likely choice for Markle-the atelier was responsible for Kate Middleton's iconic lace wedding dress and many of her more esteemed looks-but we'll just have to wait and see if the odds have it. A spokesman for Betfair told Vanity Fair that there could be legitimacy to the claim. "We've now suspended this market after seeing some interesting betting on Alexander McQueen this morning who went from 16/1 to 8/1 in a very short space of time," she said in a statement yesterday. "Either someone sneaky knows something, or there's plenty of shrewd punters who are up on their fashion knowledge."


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