Flip the switch on traditional paper correspondence with this personalized mini flashlight, which projects your day's details onto a wall or ceiling. Attach a tag that repeats the message, and send each key chain in a padded envelope so it arrives intact and ready to glow! Its radiance will be the first hint of the bright day ahead.
Credit: Bryan Gardner



  1. Download our free "Don't be in the dark" logo and save-the-date imprint designs and edit to include your details.
  2. Order the LED projector key chains and upload the designs when prompted.
  3. Download our free save-the-date key ring tag, edit the details, and print.
  4. Cut out the tags using a circle punch, and with a smaller punch, add a hole for the key ring.
  5. Attach the tags to the key chains and send them to your friends and family.


LED projector key chain, $3 each, 4allpromos.com.

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