They may not have much experience with social media, but after 83 years of marriage, John and Anne Betar are giving us #RelationshipGoals—and tweeting their words of wisdom, too.
Credit: Courtesy of The Betars/The Washington Post

Want to know the secrets to a long and happy marriage? This Valentine's Day, John and Anne Betar, a New York husband and wife will be answering questions on Twitter about love and marriage. And they're certainly qualified: The Worldwide Marriage Encounter named the Betars the "longest married couple in America," and after hearing their story, we'd gladly give them the "cutest married couple" title, too.

John and Anne fell in love the old-fashioned way, before dating apps and the Internet. John told The Washington Post that today, he'd probably Google Ann or "text or call her to ask her out."

Of course, that wasn't an option back then. The couple first met as neighbors in Connecticut where John, a Syrian refugee, was a produce peddler and Anne was still in high school. Though Anne's father wanted her to marry an older man, she fell head over heels for John. The two eloped in 1932 when she was 17 and he was 21.

Credit: Courtesy of The Betars/The Washington Post

Fast forward 83 years later, and the couple is still happily married at 100 and 104 years old with 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. The Betars remain active, hosting family gatherings with Ann still cooking and cleaning and John driving and handling the couples' finances. "We're just lucky to be together. So fortunate," John wrote in an email to The Washington Post, noting that "simply being together" is the best part of their relationship. Cue the "awws"!

The Q&A session was organized by Handy, an on-demand home services company that will be tweeting the couple's advice. To ask John and Anne a question, tweet @Handy with the hashtag #LongestLove.

Till then, we'll leave you with a preliminary piece of advice from the power couple: "Be content with what you have," John said. "Respect each other."


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