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Nina Dobrev Wedding Guest

Julianne Hough's wedding was certainly notable-so notable, in fact, that celebrities can't stop praising it and we can't stop thinking about the details. Between her bridesmaids having to hitchhike to her reception and the two gorgeous dresses Hough donned during the party, there has been plenty to talk about already. Now a video has surfaced from the affair, and it's stirring up even more buzz.

We already knew that Hough's crew of bridesmaids surprised the bride with a choreographed dance to Sia's "The Greatest," but only guests at the wedding knew what the routine entailed. Until now, that is. Footage of the routine has finally been released, and the performance was even better than anyone expected. Both the choreographer and the 'maid who planned it posted the video on Instagram, and Hough looks totally astonished as her besties-including actress Nina Dobrev-dance in front of her.

"When [Kristy Sowin] approached me about surprising [Hough] at her wedding with one of her favorite numbers I choreographed for her tour, I was so excited," shared Kyle Hanagami, a professional choreographer. "I was standing right behind Jules watching the performance so I didn't get to see her expression until now and it just makes me smile nonstop. There's absolutely nothing like watching pure happiness. And to think... only one person tripped during the whole dance!"

Sowin, who organized the surprise, also wrote about the moment. "I typically can't keep a gift or surprise to myself to save my life, and any form of attention gives me anxiety, but I knew it would mean the world to my best friend on her wedding day. Which is why the best part of this video is to just watch Jules completely lose it!"

Watch the full clip above and marvel at their moves.


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