Don't worry, she still said yes!
Yankee Stadium Jumbotron Proposal
Credit: Courtesy of ESPN

Sometimes wedding proposals don't go exactly as planned. That's what happened to 29-year-old Andrew Fox, who proposed to girlfriend Heather Terwilliger on the jumbotron at the Yankees game Tuesday night. There was just one problem with the proposal: When Fox opened the ring box, the ring wasn't there!

"I thought it was just going to be a simple kneel-down, and pop it open and ask her, but it instantly just dropped out, and I was so scared, I started to cry," Fox told the YES Network.

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It wasn't that simple for Fox. For what seemed like forever, Fox, Terwilliger, and the fans around them looked for the engagement ring while being broadcasted not only on the jumbotron at the stadium, but on ESPN for the viewers at home to see.

"As every minute passed by, I was like, 'Oh my God, if we didn't find it by now…'" Fox told ESPN.

Finally, the ring was found in the cuff of Terwilliger's jeans, and Terwilliger said "yes" with a kiss while the crowd of 35,000 cheered.

Terwilliger was glad they found the ring and added that she had no idea they were even going to a Yankees game that night and was shocked when he kneeled down. Even though the Yankees beat the Red Sox 6-4, ESPN announcer Karl Ravech exclaimed the proposal was, "way better than the game!"

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