Father of the Bride Speeches That Knocked It Out of the Park

When these fathers of the bride (and groom) took the mic, they delivered toasts that wowed the crowd. Watch and learn, then use our tips to draft your own masterpiece.

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As the father of the bride or groom, one of the biggest roles you have on your child's wedding day—besides escorting them down the aisle—is to give a toast. The dad's speech is a beloved tradition that sets the tone for the festivities ahead (whether that's the rehearsal dinner or the remainder of the reception). Figuring out what to say in your toast can feel overwhelming. After raising your child to the person they are today, you literally have a lifetime of knowledge to condense into one heartfelt speech. If you find yourself stuck or simply in need of a little brainstorm, these top-notch examples will inspire your own.

Create an Outline

Come up with a rough list of the points you'd like to make. Either stick to our no-fail template—deliver an opening line, thank those involved, tell an anecdote, and wrap it up—or come up with your own formula to keep things fresh. This dad structured his speech around his prayers to God for his daughter over the years. First, "Make her like her mother," and "Make her like me," then "Make her like you," and finally, "Make her happy."

Be Creative

Is there a fun way to tuck a tale into your toast? This FOB narrated the story of the groom asking for his blessing to propose. When it comes to anecdotes, though, keep these conditions in mind: The story should be positive (don't embarrass the bride or groom) and something everyone can appreciate (inside jokes won't translate to outside listeners).

Say Thanks

At some point in your spiel, express gratitude for those who were involved in the planning of the day, as well as friends and family who made the trip. People appreciate being acknowledged, and they'll feel more included and therefore more interested in what you have to say. At the beginning of his toast, this dad recognized his wife, the groom's parents, the officiant, and the guests.

Speak Up

This dad articulated the qualities he adores in his daughter and welcomed his new son-in-law. He mixed in some lighthearted jokes, but most importantly, he spoke clearly, confidently, and at a steady pace, so that no one missed a moment of his sweet sentiments, including: "I loved and lived more deeply because of what you brought to my life." All together now: Awww!

Entertain the Masses

Mixing in humor, whether through jokes or comical stories, will surely be appreciated. Don't alienate anyone, though, and be sure to stop cracking people up long enough to get across a more serious message of well wishes. At the beginning of his toast, this father of the bride—a trial lawyer and clearly no stranger to public speaking—told the story of how the hard-working groom had once used a toothbrush to detail his bride's car. Later in the speech, he gifted the groom a new toothbrush with a note reading, "For John's car," hinting that he'd like his own car cleaned as well.

Give the Groom Some Love

Though it may be tempting to talk on and on about your little girl (or guy), spend some time welcoming your new family member and reflecting on how the two complement one another. After all, it is a union you're there to celebrate.

Keep It Short and Simple

Though you undoubtedly have a lot to say about your child's next chapter, remember that you're probably one of a handful of speeches, and if it goes too long, listeners will start to get antsy. Focus in on a few key points and aim to talk for no more than three to five minutes. The message this groom's dad delivered was one of open arms to his son's bride—a classic choice.

Impart Wisdom

Lastly, while you have the floor, use it to offer sage advice for life and love. "Every day should count," this bride's pop urged at the end of his speech. "Make it special. Make it real."

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