This is what she really thinks about being your MOH.
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In case you haven't had the privilege of donning the maid-of-honor hat, here is a glimpse of what she might be thinking throughout this whole wedding-planning process. Take note and see what you can do to help her live up to her title.

1. "This is more expensive than I thought."

You can assume that the bridal party is spending a bit more than a typical guest-bridesmaid dresses and festivities can add up. A MOH will probably spend even a little more than the other girls since she'll likely want to include a few extra touches to make you (the bride) feel special. She is your BFF, after all. Don't let her get overwhelmed with all the expenses by being considerate. Think bachelorette party and bridal shower that won't make her fly cross-country every time.

2. "I hope she lets me choose the bridesmaid dresses."

No one is dying to spend $300 on some seafoam taffeta creation. This is one area that you can delegate (for the most part) to the MOH. Give her some criteria, like style and colors, and ask if she has any suggestions. (She most certainly will.)

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3. "Planning the bachelorette party is so fun."

Coming up with a fun bachelorette hoopla is probably one of the best parts of being the MOH. Let her enjoy it by not interfering too much. Now is a good time to start Pinning places and activities you like in order to give her even more ideas.

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4. "Planning the bachelorette party is so stressful."

A MOH soon learns that the bachelorette party planning can go from fun to frantic within minutes. Help her out by curbing any diva tendencies and requests. If you notice that the other bridesmaids are starting to complicate things step in and remind everyone that this whole process should be about making positive memories.

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5. "Eek, I have to give a toast?!"

If your MOH isn't a natural speech giver, reassure her that while she may be standing in front of dozens of guests, your attention is the only one she needs to focus on. Narrowing in on the couple instead of making it into a TED Talk is key to keeping calm.

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6. "Maybe I should buy more Tylenol?"

Coordinating all the groups of friends and family is one serious task that requires fine-tuning one's diplomatic skills. Give her a little cheat sheet that could help her deal with difficult personalities. For instance, cousin Mary is notoriously bad at responding to email, but will shoot back a text in no time.

7. "I kind of like leading the pack."

This is an important role and pulling off all the events and keeping track of everything is a big undertaking-one she should be proud of. Remind her that she's doing a great job to boost her confidence even further.


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