Keep your boys in check and get them dressed.
Credit: Judy Pak

When you say, "Yes!" to the big question, you aren't just getting a partner for life-you're essentially gaining custody of a handful of grown men and women better known as your bridal party. For better or for worse, you must now strike the right balance between gracious friend and production manager to ensure everyone tackles their pre-wedding responsibilities, and that includes getting their day-of looks ordered on time. If you're struggling with a bunch of procrastinating groomsmen, read on for a handful of tips that will help you ensure each guy order his suit or tux in a timely manner.

Tap the best man.

The groom already has a lot on his plate, and this is one area the best man can easily step up to the plate and help. Be sure to give him firm deadlines and clear directions to share with the guys about how to order, then let him run with it. Don't micromanage or pester him, just check in when the agreed upon deadline as arrived and trust that your groom's best man can get it done.

Make a day of it.

Call on the groomsmen's sense of FOMO and encourage your future husband to make a day of getting their attire. If everyone is local, they can pick an afternoon to all get fitted, place their orders, and then grab lunch or catch a game. The promise of food and non-wedding related talk for an afternoon should be enough to get even the biggest procrastinators on board.

Let the pros handle it.

If the thought of corralling your groomsmen to get their tuxes in time feels like too much, there's always the option of leaving it to the experts. Andrew Blackman, co-founder of the Black Tux, fully understands what a tall order organizing a large group is, so his company makes it easy. "If a bride and groom sign up with us they get assigned a concierge from our team that takes care of the wedding party for them," he explains. "That includes frequent emails or calls sometimes to the groomsmen who haven't given us their size info or checked in on the site."

Send helpful reminders.

The key word here is "helpful," not nagging or mean. As the deadline approaches, ask your groom to make a weekly email to the groomsmen part of his routine. Don't be afraid to rally the troops when necessary: A quick cc to his plus-one could be all it takes to get this item checked off your to-do list.


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