The model didn't initially see a future with her now-husband.

By Chloe Gorman
December 11, 2018
chrissy teigen and john legend emmys 2018
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It's no secret that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are one of Hollywood's biggest power couples, but despite how strong their relationship is now, Teigen just admitted that she never thought she'd marry Legend. In an interview with Elle UK, Teigen said that she walked away from the couple's first date thinking they'd share nothing more than a casual relationship.

Teigen first met Legend in 2007 after she was called to star his "Stereo" music video. "We just clicked," she said of her first encounter with the "All of Me" singer. "It wasn't like 'he's so sexy!' But he did make the first move, for sure." After meeting on set, Legend invited Teigen to watch him perform at the Roxy Theatre.

Although they "just clicked" from the first moment they met, the model had just gotten out a relationship and wasn't looking for a new boyfriend. "It was never like 'this is the man I'm going to marry.' There's also those normal stories where you date and talk and just grow together," she told the outlet. "I do remember talking to him on the phone the next day for hours, though. He was on tour. And I'd never do that now."

Luckily, that first date did turn to something more, and Teigen now says the strength of her and Legend's relationship is due to how different they are. "He's quieter than me, which isn't saying much," she said of her husband. "But he's more thoughtful, whereas I'm spur of the moment. I can't hide things very well. If I feel it, you'll see it on my face, but he's better at covering."


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