The fun doesn't stop at the reception!
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After spending countless hours preparing for the big day, it's only natural to be left wondering "Now what?" once it's over. So, we've thrown together this handy guide to help you ward off the post-wedding blues and look ahead to all the fun that's in store. Trust us, what comes after is just as special as the wedding day itself.

Your Honeymoon

Whether you go right away or push it to a bit later, the honeymoon is one part of the big day that feels like a bonus. Take advantage of this QT with your spouse. You've earned it.

Free Weekends

Planning is over! No more meetings, online shopping, or DIY decorating. Your weekends are your own again-welcome back!


First holidays, first vacation, first anniversary-you get to celebrate all these important milestones all over again, this time as a married couple. Plus, there's always the possibility you'll add a few more important ones to the bunch. First house? First pet? First kid? The sky's the limit.

Better Dinners

If you haven't already been dividing and conquering restaurant menus to cover as much ground as possible, your mind (and palate) is about to be blown.

Making Use of Registry Buys

Want a Moscow mule? A Bundt cake? Fresh guac smashed with a marble mortar and pestle? No problem thanks to that genius wedding registry you created.

Doing Everything Together

You didn't just get a husband. You got a built-in BFF. A cooking partner, a running partner-you name it, you've got it.

Doing Nothing Together

But what you also get is a sitting-on-the-couch-binge-watching-Netflix partner. And sometimes your favorite moments together will be the ones that don't feel like anything at all.

A Deeper Connection

No matter how long you've been together, there's always more to learn about your one and only.

A Second Family

Whether it's your new in-laws or the family of two you've just created, this is a time to explore different traditions as well as make some of your own.

The Rest of Your Lives

"There are lots of benefits to marriage. But they don't just exist, they have to be created," says Dana Vince of Healing Hearts marriage counseling. "It's like having a gym membership… But those benefits only come when you show up, work hard, and put forth the effort consistently. Marriage is kind of like that."


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