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Credit: Courtesy of Kate Spade

Planning & Entertaining Inspiration: Kate Spade New York's Book

Have you checked out the new Kate Spade book All in Good Taste? If not, you should! It's filled with fun entertaining tips, menu suggestions, recipes and cute anecdotes from various other entertaining experts.

Credit: Courtesy of Kate Spade

A few of my favorite features include "How to Instagram at the Dinner Table," along with the spotlight on how to use just three ingredients to make an appetizer, a main course, or a dessert. Whether you're wedding planning or just settling into newlywed life, this book will inspire you.

Credit: Courtesy of Nest

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Nest Candles

Scented candles are great for your home and they also make popular gifts for your bridal party, a friend who hosted a party for you, or a thank-you to a vendor. Nest Fragrances have an amazing range of candles from bamboo to moss and mint to name a few. (Plus, the packaging is great.) They also have a special holiday edition, which I just love (seen above). It's spicy but sweet-it will warm your home right up.


The best part about the candles? After they are burned through, you can use the vessels afterwards! I use them at my desk to hold pencils and in my bathroom. The larger vessels also make a great vase for flowers.


The New Guest Book: Speechbooth

Wedding guest books are a great way to remember an amazing day that goes by too fast. And I, of course, love creative guest book ideas, which is why I'm obsessed with Speechbooth. It's an incredible solution to the video guest book.


The process is so easy: First, you reserve one of their kits online, and then they'll send it to you the week of your wedding with a return label. On the day of the wedding, you set up the kit somewhere so friends and family can record a quick hello or a heartfelt (or hilarious) special message. You can always designate a responsible bridesmaid or a wedding planner to make sure all your guests participate. After the wedding, you just return the kit and Speechbooth will edit and send you back your own custom video guestbook in 10 days!


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