We'd never have guessed this.
Reynolds Family
Credit: Getty Images

It's official: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are perfect for each other. As if that wasn't already clear, the couple recently shared a hilarious story about the pretty unusual way they set the mood while Lively was in labor. During a fame of "Fact or Fiction" for Glamour, with Lively's friend and fashion guru Micheal Kors, the Shallows actress revealed a little more about her experience giving birth to one of her two daughters-namely, that husband Reynolds was in charge of the playlist and his selections were definitely a surprise.

"My husband played 'Let's Get It On' while I was in labor," Lively read from one of her cards, leaving Kors to guess whether the tidbit was fact or fiction as he burst into laughter. "That's like my favorite song, so I'm just gonna go with fact," Kors replied, according to Us Weekly.

Turns out Kors' intuition was spot on! "Yes," Lively responded. "My doctor was laughing so hard I thought she was going to drop my baby." Fortunately, she didn't, and the family of four is as adorable as ever. While the actress revealed a few more facts about her life-including that her first kiss was on screen and she had a dog named "405" (after the Los Angeles freeway)-we're pretty sure Reynold's impromptu playlist pick is our favorite. Who needs Lamaze when you have Marvin Gaye?


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