A Brooklyn woman found an inscribed wedding band in a parking lot following Hurricane Sandy. She's now trying to track down the owner just in time for their anniversary.
Credit: Courtesy of 7 On Your Side

Right after Superstorm Sandy flooded New York City in 2012, Angela Bokserman found a lost wedding band in a parking lot in the Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn neighborhood.

"I noticed this little yellow circle, so I leaned over to pick it up and it's a gold ring," Angela Bokserman told ABC7NY's 7 On Your Side. "I read the inscription and it was just so heartwarming. It had the initials and then the year was '10-29-55'. I'm like this is so unbelievable."

The gold wedding band is unadorned on the outside, but engraved on the inside with four initials and reads, "From MF to ___." The initials of the partner have been blurred out in the video above, in hopes that only the owner would know what they are and will be able to come forward and claim the lost ring.

Credit: Courtesy of 7 On Your Side

Bokserman thinks the ring fell off the finger of the person who wore the band for more than 55 years. "Maybe he took off his glove or maybe his hand was too cold and he just dropped it," she says.

After finding the ring, Bokserman put up flyers around the parking lot she found it in. "I left my phone number, but no one ever called me," she says.

When she didn't hear from anyone, she went to the police. But when they asked to hold on to it, she was worried that it'd get lost in the shuffle at the precinct. So she put it into her wallet and has had it ever since.

With the couple's 60th anniversary coming up in a few weeks on October 29, Bokserman reached out to the local New York news station to help find the owner of the missing ring.

"If this person isn't with us anymore I would like his or her kids to say wow somebody actually found it," Bokserman told 7 On Your Side.

Nina Pineda of 7 On Your Side went to the New York City Clerk's office, "but with only a wedding date and not full names on the ring they couldn't help us with the search so we're hoping you can watch these clues and help," she says.

If you think you know the couple belonging to this lost wedding band, call 7 On Your Side at (917) 260-7664 to help give the missing ring's owner the best anniversary present ever.


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