Plus, she reveals who she thinks will win next season.
Jennifer Aniston on Jimmy Kimmel
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We're just weeks away from the premiere of season 21 of The Bachelor, and it looks like we're not the only ones who are excited: Jennifer Aniston is too. Villain-turned-heartthrob Nick Viall is finally getting his chance to be the Bachelor, and Aniston is all about it. "I really like Nick," he told Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "A lot of people were iffy about Nick in the beginning…Make him the Bachelor; he has to leave with someone!"

Since the list of the 30 contestants who will be fighting for Nick was released this week, Kimmel asked if Aniston would predict who she thinks will win this season-which she gladly would.

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After Kimmel put up the headshots of the women on the screen, Aniston took her job very seriously by making sure to get a close look at all of the contestants. The first woman to catch her attention? A pilates instructor! "Well she's probably very bendy," she said. But it was Corrine, a business owner from Miami, that was her first pick. "She's 24? She's too young to get married," Aniston decided.

In the end, Aniston picked four women who she thinks will make it to the end-Corinne, a business owner, Elizabeth, a doula, Rachel, an attorney, and Danielle, a neonatal nurse. When asked who she thinks will win it all, she said she "didn't want to jinx it."

We'll definitely be watching this season to see how well Aniston did in her picks. The Bachelor starts Monday, January 2nd!

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