Big weddings require a little extra planning.

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If "the more the merrier" is your wedding-planning motto, there are a few extra details you'll need to keep in mind to ensure the entire day runs smoothly. Follow these tips from Lynn Easton of Easton Events for a foolproof celebration, regardless of how large your guest list becomes.


It seems obvious, but large weddings require a lot of space. That means your venue options are going to be more limited. It's easy to fall in love with a location and try to squeeze guests in but comfort is important, so try to be realistic as you make appointments. But an appropriate party space is only half the issue, Easton intelligently points out. "Check with area hotels or rental homes to ensure there are enough rooms for your guests, especially in smaller towns that could have another wedding the same weekend," she advises. Your family and friends will thank you.

Organization Is Key

Large or small, there are a ton of moving pieces when you're hosting a wedding. But those tiny details are of major importance when your guest list is on the longer side. "When planning a wedding for 25 guests, a detail that may have been missed can normally be resolved quickly," explains Easton, "but with a larger guest list, a mistake can have a more exponential effect." Be sure double and triple check your numbers, especially when it comes to categories like transportation, food, and seating.

Plan for Plan B

Inclement weather is something weddings of all sizes need to consider. But a tent to shelter an intimate affair is far less of a production to put up than one with a mega-sized dance floor, reinforced walls, and an impressive square footage. In this case, there can be no waiting until the last minute to decide-couples should secure their backup plan early on. And if the tent isn't needed, it'll be the best deposit you'll ever lose.


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