The Oscar winner delivered quite the romantic performance on The James Corden Show.
my best friends wedding movie still
Credit: Tri Star/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

Since rumors of a My Best Friend's Wedding sequel began circulating in 2015, we've all been waiting for more from our favorite Julia Roberts romantic comedy. While appearing on The James Corden Show, Roberts delivered with a reprisal of a few famous scenes from the movie, including a twist on the say "Say a Little Prayer" musical number.

With Corden standing in as Michael, originally played by Dermot Mulroney, Roberts repeated the emotional reveal scene that comes at the end of the movie. She begged her best friend "Michael" to choose her over his fiancé, played by Cameron Diaz. "I love you!" Roberts exclaimed to a straight-faced Corden. "I've loved you for nine years and I have this gigantic favor to ask you. Pick me! Marry me! Let me make you happy." Corden then deviated from the script and pulled out a microphone, singing, "The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup, I say a little prayer for you…" You know where it goes from there.

To this day, Roberts still nails that iconic scene, which makes it hard to believe that she almost didn't land the role of Julianne back in 1997-the movie could have starred Sandra Bullock. "The only person the other offer was for, and I'm not sure if she even knew about it, was Sandra Bullock," Rob Bass, the film's screenwriter, told E! News earlier this year. "She's probably the only other actress in the world besides Julia who would have been fabulous for that role. They're the two best people in the world to do that, but that's how lucky I was." If an alternate actress comes as a surprise, you should know that the My Best Friend's Wedding producers and screenwriters almost chose an entirely different ending, too. Yep, this conclusion would have involved Julianne meeting and falling in love with a new man by the film's end.

While the "Say a Little Prayer" segment was our favorite part of Robert's appearance on The James Corden Show, she recreated multiple other career highlights, as well. She reenacted our favorite scenes from Notting Hill, Runaway Bride, Steel Magnolias, and Pretty Woman, and was as romantic and wonderful as ever.


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