Everyone needs a partner like Justin.
Justin Timberlake Gives Jessica Biel a Kiss on the Cheek
Credit: Justin Timberlake via Instagram

Jessica Biel has been exceptionally busy in recent months. Her new eight-episode series, The Sinner, is set to premiere on USA Network this summer, and she serves as the show's executive producer and stars as the main character, Cora Tanner. As she's balancing various roles and responsibilities in personal and professional life, one thing remains constant throughout-the support of her husband, Justin Timberlake. The couple has been married for nearly five years after tying the knot in Italy in October 2012. And since then, the two have shared a lot of special moments, including the birth of their son, Silas, two years ago.

At the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, Biel opened up about her new role and how Timberlake has been by her side through it all. In the psychological crime thriller, Biel plays a mother who commits an act of violence without knowing why. Having to play such a dark character is a challenge, but it's easier to take on when having someone by your side.

When asked about Timberlake's initial thoughts on the show and how he's been supporting her, Biel had nothing but sweet things to mention. "He supported me from the very beginning," Biel told E! News. "He's excited because I'm excited." Even though it's different from other characters she's had to play, Timberlake understands and has been nothing but a wonderful husband. "He's been a great partner in all of it," Biel adds. These two show us what it means to truly support your spouse through everything and give us some serious relationship goals!


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