Plus, how to help plan without driving your 'maids crazy.

Planning a bachelorette party is no small task, but that's why you've got the best bridesmaids on hand to help out. While most bridal parties will handle this task on their own, you may want to give a little input (without stepping on any toes). Here are some the dos and don'ts to remember when giving your bridesmaids some general direction about the kind of bachelorette party you really want.

Do your homework first.

Before you even ask your girls to be bridesmaids, you should probably do a bit of thinking about what kind of bachelorette party you'd like. Whether it's a winery getaway, a day in the city, a weekend in Vegas, or a low-key slumber party with your closest friends, you should have some idea of what would feel the most celebratory to you.

Don't take on the planning solo.

Your bridesmaids, sister(s), maid of honor, or best friends will probably be in charge of the planning of your bachelorette. If you've decided that you'd like to be a big part of the planning committee, be sure to tread lightly and explain to the ladies that you'd like to be involved. If you're happy for them to throw in a few surprises here and there, let them know that. The idea is that they're around to take some of the stress off your plate.

Do give clear direction.

If you've chosen to be involved or give some input, be clear and concise about your expectations. If there's a specific number of days you have in mind, a specific budget you'd like the girls to stick to, or a special place you'd like to spend the bachelorette party, it's good to be direct with your planning committee.

Don't get caught up in the itinerary.

The reality of planning a bachelorette party is that your friends are going to want to surprise you. They're doing this to shower you with congratulations and best wishes for your marriage. Let them handle the details of the itinerary and flow of the weekend's events. You might mention to them that you'd like to give guests the option of attending only some events if you know there's a whole weekend on the agenda, which could be hard for anyone with children or other obligations.

Do determine the guest list.

Regardless of how close your group of friends may be, you should most certainly be the person in charge of creating the guest list for your bachelorette party. The hosts can send out the invitations and report RSVPs back to you, but it's your choice who to invite.

Don't forget to send thank you notes.

Thanking your hostesses for putting together an amazing and thoughtful weekend for your bachelorette celebration should be a priority. You might consider sending fresh flowers, a cute necklace, or simply a personal note immediately following the big bash.


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