First and foremost, make sure it comes from the heart.
A Mother and Daughter Smiling
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A ceremony reading is a wonderful way to personalize a couple's celebration, and many brides-to-be ask their mothers to take on this special role. If your daughter has asked you to deliver a reading at her ceremony, you may be at a loss for where to start. You'll want to share something that encompasses everything you love about her, or else explains the lessons you want her to learn. It can be related to your relationship, focus on your wishes for her marriage, or have a universal theme of love. Need more guidance? Wedding planning pros offer five more helpful tips here.

Celebrate Love

After watching your little girl grow up, you can't help but be filled with love for her. Now she's filled with love for you and her soon-to-be-husband, too. Focus on that theme throughout your reading, says Summer Newman of Summer Newman Events. "Love is a great gift and not one that a mother has to give, but one that she chooses to give her daughter," adds Newman. An eloquent reading like 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 is one of her favorite ways to drive this message home. "It's a wonderful and poetic verse that conveys the deepest and most important superpower a mom has-her ability to love."

Focus on What She's Found

This is the type of man you always hoped she would find. Take this special moment and focus not just on your daughter, but on your future son-in-law, too. "A reading from the mother of the bride is always my favorite and touches the heartstrings," says Hailey Lillard of Detailed Touch Events. Her go-to suggestion is "The One" by Cheryl J. Barclay, which contains beautiful lines like, "You've found the one and only love you'll share your whole life through."

Find Your Inner Writer

"While many mothers feel pressure to scour the internet for the most beautiful quotes, poems, or readings, the best content usually comes from the heart," says Erica Spencer of Erica Marie Events. Reference a childhood story, speak about your own experience in love and marriage, or simply celebrate all the wonderful things about your daughter and the couple. Spencer says something heartfelt like, "You've brought so much happiness and love to our lives. While you made our family complete, we can't wait until you have a family of your own. I'm proud of everything you've accomplished in life and the woman you've become."

Bless Their Marriage

"Who better to bless the marriage than someone who loves the bride unconditionally and truly wants this union to be full of happiness," says Lillard. She recommends "Blessing for a Marriage" by James Dillet Freeman. With touching lines like, "May you have happiness, and may you find it making one another happy," it's a wonderful option for what you hope she'll find in her marriage.

Share Something Personal

There's no rule that says you must deliver a traditional reading. Why not consider making the reading a bit more personal? That's what Jolene Peterson of Laurel & Rose says gives the ceremony a sentimental touch. One of her favorite experiences was hearing the mother of the bride read an old camp letter the bride wrote to the groom decades earlier. "If you're in tune with the couple's current tastes, recite lyrics from their favorite song, a passage from their favorite book, or dig up old stories or letters they may have written," she says.


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