Here's why you don't have to worry about the small stuff.

While those personalized ceremony and reception details you've been planning do matter (and make your wedding day all-the-more meaningful), they shouldn't stress you out. If you find yourself overwhelmed by all the little elements associated with a wedding, remember this: Your time will better spent thinking about the bigger aspects of your day, like the menu, guest accommodations, your reception venue, and the sincerity of your vows. After all, those are the parts of a wedding that guests tend to remember most.

If any of the little details you've been considering are making you stressed, it might be time to delegate, forgo, and/or allow your planner to take charge. Here, we share the five most common things couples worry about before the big day, and why they're not a big deal.

The order of events.

"Each wedding day will bring its own special moments," says Jill Perez, senior designer at Kate & Company. The whole day will feel like a whirlwind, so don't forget to be present in the moment, even if the schedule doesn't go completely according to plan. "If the first dance starts later than planned, your guests won't know," Perez adds. "They will be too busy enjoying themselves, and so should you!"

Having to greet every guest.

Especially if the attendance list is quite large, it might not be possible to have a lengthy exchange with every guest. And that's okay! "While it's important to be hospitable and have a game plan to greet as many of your guests as possible, you shouldn't spend your entire evening feeling as though you need to engage in long conversations with each person," Perez says. "Often I see this happen with couples where they can't enjoy their own party due to sweating the obligation to host it."

Replicating an image or inspiration.

Perhaps you saw a beautiful DIY backdrop on Pinterest, but later discovered that putting it together might just be too expensive or out of reach. Chances are, every bride has been in this situation in one way or another. While you should strive to make each detail your own, you'll need to do so within the capabilities and budgets at your disposal. "We all find inspiration that guides our ideas," Perez says. "Focus on the personal details that make your wedding meaningful and unique to you as a couple. Rather than mimicking another idea, build your own," she suggests. "If something doesn't turn out just the way you wanted, you are the only one who will ever know."

Wondering if people will dance.

Have you spent the last few nights sleeplessly wondering whether your playlist will be drawing guests out to the dance floor? Stop stressing. "Trust me, your guests will dance," Perez says. "Never have I seen an empty dance floor or a group of guests who turned down a chance to celebrate. Remember, guests take your lead. If you want to celebrate, be at the center of it!"

Deciding on favors.

While it can be customary to provide a little token of gratitude for each of your guests, handing out that something extra is not mandatory. "Don't do things just because that is how they are done," Perez advises. "You've given your guests a glorious day to witness your love and help celebrate-anything else is icing on the cake!" If there is something meaningful to pass out as a favor on your wedding day, that's great. But if not, "It is absolutely alright to send them home with a smile and memories to last a lifetime."


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