The Duke and Duchess of Sussex opened up about this mishap in a new interview.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married with a kiss
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Shortly after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's May 2018 wedding, Kensington Palace revealed that the Duke picked flowers from the couple's private garden as a gift to his wife on the morning of their wedding-those blooms were then integrated into Markle's bridal bouquet. As it turns out, this sentiment didn't exactly go to plan. New information from "A Royal Wedding: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex," an exhibition currently on display at Windsor Castle, just revealed that there nearly weren't enough flowers to choose from, reports The Cut.

"We have a very small garden here that we had been planting things in the fall for and what was really special, I think, was that the morning of the wedding, Harry went in and he picked some flowers to go into my bouquet, which was really beautiful and something that makes it sentimental and really meaningful," the Duchess shared in a pre-recorded interview, currently playing at the exhibit.

Her husband quickly jumped in, adding that this process wasn't as easy as he'd hoped it would be: "We didn't have as many flowers in our little garden as we had hoped for because I think it snowed at Easter! That kind of ruined the whole thing!"

Clearly, Markle wasn't at all fazed by the small mishap-she was simply grateful for her husband's kind gesture. That wasn't Prince Harry's only contribution to their wedding day, however. The interview also revealed that the Duke personally selected the music-Handel's "Eternal Source of Light Divine"-his bride ultimately walked down the aisle to. Today, the song holds indelible meaning for the couple. "Both of us, wherever we are, whatever we're doing, we can close our eyes, listen to that music and take ourselves straight back to that moment," explained Harry. "It's a beautiful thing for both of us."


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