From selecting a theme to unexpected entertainment, here's how to ensure your reception is tons of fun.
sanjay steven wedding dancing and cheering

If ever you've thought, "I just want my wedding to feel like the biggest dance party," these tips, straight from expert wedding planners, should be right up your alley. Whether you choose to set a theme that inspires your guests to go all-out or hire the highest-energy entertainment available, this three essential pieces of advice will ensure your reception has the party atmosphere you've been dreaming of.

Set a Theme

Parties are always a little extra wild when there's a theme thrown into the mix. Wedding planner Jessica Sloane says, "I have clients who want their wedding in the jungle of Tulum to be really unconventional, so we're setting the tone with a suggestive dress code that's fashion-forward and hiring a DJ with a burning man vibe!" Other themes might include an elegant toga party, a summer camp experience, or old Hollywood glamour. Themes allow guests to escape their typical wedding mindset and let loose.

Hire High-Energy Entertainment

The best way to create an atmosphere of big energy and celebration is by bringing the right entertainment on board. That could mean having a really big band with multiple singers and a horn section, or it could mean having a DJ who works with a live drummer. Wedding planner Amy Nichols says, "Epic entertainment isn't just limited to music. You can surprise your guests with a performance of some sort, like synchronized swimmers or Samba dancers! If it's something that's unique to you and your story, that's even better."

Add an Element of Surprise

You don't have to have a wedding where the whole reception takes place in one zone. Instead, Nichols says, "Keep the surprises coming! If your venue allows for it, transition the spaces where your guests are so that you have cocktails in one space, dinner in another, dancing in a third, and then have a late-night lounge in another spot. You can do different décor or different themed cocktails in each spot." She recommends following a 30-minute rule after dinner, in which you mix things up every half hour so guests are always engaged. Sounds like a recipe for a memorable celebration!


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