Here's how you photograph your gorgeous new diamond, straight from the pros.

By Jenn Sinrich
December 05, 2018
ashley basil wedding couple engagement ring

You just got engaged! Of course, the first thing you're going to do is soak up the excitement of knowing that you get to spend the rest of your life with your significant other. Next, you'll most likely call your family and close friends and tell them the good news. After, you'll probably want to share word of your engagement with your wider circle of friends-otherwise known as your Instagram or Facebook followers. If you're planning to post an #engagementringselfie, you might as well do it right. That's why we asked three photographers to share their best tips for snapping a social media-worthy picture of your engagement ring.

Find good lighting.

Especially if you're using a smartphone to take a photo of your engagement ring, you'll want to make sure the lighting is good. "To find good light, find the line of a shadow and stand right at the edge of it in the shade," says photographer Amy Bennett. "If it's an overcast day, pretty much anywhere is good for a photo, but if it's sunny, shade is your friend." If you need a little extra light or you're aiming to get a shot of the ring sparkling, Bennett recommends using the flashlight on your fiancé's phone while you take the photo.

Add in props.

Even though your ring is the focal point of the photo, it doesn't have to be the only thing in it. Bennett recommends selecting a special trinket (maybe something from where you got engaged), a family treasure, or some sort of paper good with your names on it. "Textures like cloth or wood always make good backgrounds for simple subjects like rings," she adds. "Just don't include any distracting elements in the background-use clean colors and textures."

Make sure your ring is clean!

Before you share a photo of your beautiful diamond for all the world to see, photographer Joanna Moss says you might want to consider cleaning it. Since it's a brand-new ring, it probably won't need a full professional cleaning, but you can give it a little buff and wipe away any fingerprints on the face of the stone or the band.

Share how he or she proposed.

The ring might be front and center in your post, but don't forget to share some background on the engagement-how your soon-to-be spouse proposed. "Your followers are curious to learn what made you say yes," says Jimmy Chan of Pixelicious. "Hashtags are the rage these days, but try to include a short caption sharing how it all went down." If you're opening to sharing, spell it all out. The odds are good that you'll be asked about it moving forward anyway.

Blend wide, normal, and close-up shots

Chan recommends use Instagram stories to summon your inner Steven Spielberg. "A common technique in filmmaking is to blend wide, normal, and close-up shots to tell the story," he says." For a wide shot, take a horizontal photo with a selfie stick showing the location where you said yes; for a normal shot, take a regular selfie with your new fiancé, happy smiles all the way; for a close-up, take a tight shot of the ring itself on your hand."


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