There are plenty of ways to make your ceremony feel special to you.
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If you're tying the knot in a house of worship, you may not be allowed to walk down the aisle to a contemporary song like "God Gave Me You" by Blake Shelton, but that doesn't mean you won't have any room for personalization. How much you can customize your ceremony to make it a reflection of both you and your future spouse depends on a few factors, including the preferences of your officiant and the particular religious institution. Take a look at some of the most common ways you can personalize your ceremony in a house of worship.

Pour your heart out in the vows.

There's something incredibly intimate about pledging your life and love to each other in words you've personally written. If your officiant will allow you to write your own vows, or else recite personalized vows in addition to the traditional ones, go for it. Make sure your words are positive, from the heart, and short. You get extra points if you make the guests cry.

Share your love story.

Ask your officiant to include a brief anecdote from your love story in his remarks. It could be how you met, became stronger as a couple when you faced adversity together, or another meaningful chapter in your lives. (You'll have to fill him or her in if, for example, you're marrying in a church that's new to you and your fiancé.) This is especially worthwhile if any of your guests don't know one of you that well.

Light up your ceremony.

If your house of worship permits you to light a unity candle, don't use just any big candle-use one that's personalized with your initials and the wedding date or a biblical passage. Some couples also light a candle to acknowledge the beloved people in their lives, like grandparents, who have passed away.

Decorate the pews.

Don't think of them as just a place for guests to sit, but rather as a place you can add some level of customization. Hang pew bows or floral bouquets that continue your color theme; the flowers could also match any altar decorations you're installing.


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